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About The RO4C

Hello friend of the RO4C,

Welcome to the Ride-On 4 Carrie, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non profit public charity. Whether this is your first year or whether you are a returning supporter, we appreciate this opportunity to tell you a little about our mission, our events, and perhaps solidify your support to help make sure this year's events are as successful as ever. 

This year's donation opportunities will include our 3rd Annual RO4C Spaghetti Dinner in February, our 2nd Annual RO4C Golf Tournament in June, and of course, the 6th Annual Ride-On 4 Carrie Charity Motorcycle Run in September. 

The Ride-On 4 Carrie Charity was formed with the intent to honor Carrie Stenson-Hansen. Carrie was a longtime fixture in the riding community, having bought and ridden her own bikes since the 1980's. Sadly, Carrie was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in January of 2012. Being the warrior she was, Carrie was able to battle her cancer fiercely for nearly 14 months, never losing her bright spirit and strength along her journey.
Sadly, she ultimately lost her courageous fight in February of 2013 at the age of 51.

Then, in 2014, her husband Troy Hansen, along with a group of Carrie's friends and family, created the Ride-On 4 Carrie Charity to honor her memory and to solidify her legacy of being such a giving individual. Each year, funds raised from the RO4C Charity events are donated in Carrie's name to individuals and families in the midst of their own cancer battles. It is our commitment that we do whatever we can in our mission to ensure that Nobody Stands Alone!

Thank You For Your Support!

-The RO4C Crew

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Donations to the Ride-On 4 Carrie Charity are not earmarked for a specific beneficiary. All donations to the RO4C support not only that year’s beneficiary, but also other individuals and families facing a cancer diagnosis that the RO4C's board chooses to support either that year, or in future years. Each year, the RO4C Board will allocate funds to selected recipients based on need, each recipient’s unique circumstances and the RO4C’s available resources.