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2019 RO4C Golf Tournament Recipient: Camille Jerde

The Ride-On 4 Carrie is both humbled and excited to announce this year’s RO4C Golf Tournament Beneficiary: Camille Jerde, from Delano MN. Thank you to her mom and dad, Callie and Tyler, for this wonderful bio on their little warrior. We look forward to standing with you all in battle.

"Camille is a 3 year old that loves her chickens and anything Peppa Pig. She is quick to laugh, has a very big heart and loves to sing karaoke.

In June 2017, we felt a bump in Camille’s tummy while tickling her. We were leaving for a family vacation the next day, and decided to have it looked at before we left town. While at urgent care, we coincidentally ran into Camille’s pediatrician, who took charge and sent us to Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis for an ultrasound to set our minds at ease. We were told that she had a tumor on her kidney. Camille was only 16 months old. Our lives were shattered; no one can prepare you for news like that. 

An appointment was made for the following Monday at Children’s Oncology Clinic in Minneapolis where she was diagnosed with diffuse hyperplastic perilobar nephroblastomatosis, which are pre-cancerous lesions on the kidney. Camille’s right kidney was twice the size of her left. After speaking to oncologists and urologists at Children’s, we were told we could operate first or start chemotherapy. We decided to get a second opinion in order to feel good about our decision. We ended up getting opinions from four other doctors from across the US. The only opinion we felt really good about was from Dr. Elizabeth Mullen from Boston’s Dana Farber Cancer Clinic. She recommended chemotherapy to either shrink the tumor enough to operate or to eliminate it completely.

By Christmastime in 2017, Camille had undergone 18 weeks of chemo, and the tumor had shrunk dramatically. Since Camille was tolerating treatment, they continued another round of chemo for 22 weeks. She finished this round June 1, 2018, and again, we saw a dramatic difference and Camille was still tolerating treatment. But, there was still a small tumor remaining on her kidney. They decided to stop chemo, take her port out and start a Retinoic Acid treatment, which is given orally. This high dose of vitamin A has been shown to change the form of “bad” cells and would last all summer long. 

In September of 2018, her three-month scans showed the tumor had doubled in size over the summer. This was very disheartening news as we thought we had made so much progress. We made a last-minute trip to Boston to have Camille’s case reviewed by a board of the best doctors and surgeons for this type of tumor. They decided to do six more weeks of chemotherapy to shrink the tumor small enough to make surgery safer. When this round of chemo proved a success, we flew back to Boston children’s hospital for surgery in November 2018 to remove the tumor from Camille’s kidney. They were able to remove the entire tumor plus a few other spots. Camille was a little rock star through it all. She never complained and only asked for foot rubs and Kit Kats. As we suspected, a biopsy of the tumor showed it was Stage 1 Wilms. 
She started chemotherapy again on December 5, 2018, which will last 19 weeks. Her last chemo appointment (fingers and toes crossed) is April 12, 2019. She has pushed through treatment, scans, 2 port surgeries, a partial nephrectomy surgery, multiple late night ER visits, pokes, medications, low counts, nausea and physical therapy sessions like it was all a breeze. Nothing phases this kid. She will win. She may be little, but she is fierce".


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