Ride On 4 Carrie

Nobody Should Stand Alone


2018 RO4C Beneficiary: Jaxson Peterson

The Ride-On 4 Carrie is both humbled and excited to announce our newest 2018 recipient and cancer warrior: Jaxson Peterson.

Jaxson is a three year old from Buffalo, MN who just a few months after his second birthday (June of 2017) was diagnosed with High Risk B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Little Jax spent most of his two year old life at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis where he has undergone three bone marrow biopsies, over 20 spinal taps, uncountable blood and platelet transfusions, and numerous other cancer treatment procedures. Jaxson’s continued care will consist of chemotherapy and more spinal taps along with oral medications and steroids for about another three years. Although there will be necessary physical and other continued therapies, the plan is for Jaxson to hopefully be finishing up his chemotherapy soon after starting kindergarten.

Supporting funds from both our 1st Annual RO4C Golf Tournament in June and our 5th Annual RO4C Motorcycle Poker Run in September will be donated to Jaxson's family for his continued care and mounting medical bills. As always, the entire RO4C Crew is looking forward to being able to help with the support of all of you. Nobody Stands Alone!

Donations to the Ride-On 4 Carrie Charity are not earmarked for a specific beneficiary. All donations to the RO4C support not only that year’s beneficiary, but also other individuals and families facing a cancer diagnosis that the RO4C's board chooses to support either that year, or in future years.  Each year, the RO4C Board will allocate funds to selected recipients based on need, each recipient’s unique circumstances and the RO4C’s available resources.